Friday, September 3, 2010

De-icing a plane!

Living in a city (nay, a country!) that experiences a "real" winter means lots of firsts - first time falling on a patch of ice, first time driving in snow, first time shovelling snow from your balcony, first time hearing the snow plow announce its presence on your street at 3am.... the list is nearly endless! 

When I flew home to Australia this past December, I had another one - first time sitting in a plane waiting for it to be de-iced! De rigueur for most Montrealans, but a surprise to me! Luckily M has clued me in on what it would look like! I am a nervous flier necessarily, but there is something very disconcerting about watching someone do something that is completely necessary for a successful take off! You want to call out, "hey, you missed a spot!"

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