Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer cinema (and a little review)

Outdoor cinemas are commonplace in Australia - the Moonlight cinema in King's Park in Perth is my favourite, although the one at the Botanical Garden's in Sydney is lovely too! You can pack a picnic, or buy one on site, and lounge around amidst the trees in the balmy summer air, ahh.... that's the life!

In Montreal there are no such "pop up" screens - I am not sure why.... The short summer shouldn't be a factor - the Australian screens are only up for three months or so. Maybe the chance of summer storms? Whatever the reason, I miss the fun of movies outdoors, so when G suggested going along to Virgin Radio's Movies in the Park event, to see Sex and the City 2, I was very excited! The atmosphere was not quite the same - the screen was the inflatable kind, and the "park" was a local college's oval (complete with football players training at one end!) but it was a perfect night, weather-wise, and we had a great time! (The free Ben and Jerry's icecream helped!)

(and as for the movie itself? The first 20 minutes was horrible and I was wondering whether I would last. It improved, though there were many lines that were just cringe-worthy. The one-on-one interactions though, between Miranda and Charlotte, between Big and Carrie, carried some of the sentiment and tone of the original series, thankfully. Should there be a third? Absolutely not!)

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