Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sites I Like: Jezebel

Jezebel's tagline is "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion. Without Airbrushing". There was a time when I checked PinkIsTheNewBlog (and, maybe even Perez Hilton), not religiously but relatively regularly. I really enjoy tidbits of celebrity gossip but those sites left me feeling kinda scuzzy.....

Luckily, somewhere along the way, I discovered Jezebel and now it is the only "celebrity" site I use. They publish a "dirt bag" at 9am US EST every weekday morning which rounds up all the happenings and in between they post interesting links from news stories around the world, with commentary and a snarky, feminist slant. It's great!

It is a heavily trafficked site and the commenters can be hilarious. However, they can also be frustrating. I especially notice this when there is a science post - there can be a fair bit of misinformation bandied about. But really, I don't check the site for its science!

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