Monday, October 18, 2010

Burger binge!

Lately I have been craving - and indulging in - burgers!

First, a couple of weeks ago, it was at the newly opened Burger de Ville on Saint Laurent, for comfort food on a rainy Montreal night. I had the "black and blue" - the burger patty was encrusted with ground peppercorns and topped with blue cheese. Delicious! Then Thursday, it was a catch up at McKibbins, on Bishop. Their burgers are always good, however, we noticed a special burger menu out the front which piqued our interest. I took the Buffalo burger, which came basted in hot sauce and topped with blue cheese (There is pattern here obviously). I don't think I have even eaten a Buffalo chicken wing before, but that didn't deter me - the burger was amazing, with just the right amount of bite. G's "la Francais" burger, with brie and bacon, also looked pretty damn good.....

You would think after all of this I would be sick of burgers, but the Buffalo burger at McKibbins was *so* good, I wanted to try and recreate it at home. So behold.....

I have to say, this was super easy to make but very, very delicious. I kept the patty simple - just lean minced beef (oops, I almost wrote ground beef there - another North Americanism that is slipping into my vocabulary!) seasoned with salt and pepper, which I cooked in the pan. I preheated the pan on high, and seared on side of the patty first. Watch the meat change colour up the side of the patty so you know when to flip. Once flipped I liberally applied tabasco sauce to the crust, and then topped it with two, ahem, generous slices of blue cheese. As the patty finishes cooking, the cheese softens quite nicely. I topped the burger with some lettuce, sliced tomato and dill pickle, and a smear of BBQ sauce. It went down very nicely and with that, I can honestly say I have exhausted my burger craving!

(well, for awhile at least!)

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hollypop said...

my bfs gradma is visiting from canada atm and she asked for ground beef at the butcher and the butcher didn't know what it was. what a stupid butcher. haha.