Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coral cactus, or Euphorbia lactea cristata

 I have a backlog of interesting photos that I have had saved as drafts for a while now. This is from September last year and I am sorry to say that I could not have taken these photos now, because this quirky little cactus did not last long in my hands. I guess I overwatered it, given the manner of its demise (it seemed to rot from within; I will refrain from posting photos of the carcass!)

This was a special present from M, made all the more special because M doesn't usually give presents, but had remembered that I was enamoured with this little guy after spotting it in the window of a local florist. I had never seen a cactus like it (and you never will in nature - it is a propagated variety) but I was drawn to the beautiful colouring and shape. It occupied pride of place on my dining table for as long as it lasted! Unfortunately, I haven't seen any in the florist's window since......

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